Canadian Social Media Marketing Company Sues Tyga For $200k


Who doesn’t Tyga owe money as a Canadian social media marketing company is going after Tyga for $200K.

Canadian marketing company, Providr. Inc, are chasing down Tyga for $200K, The Blast reports . The company claims they made an agreement with Tyga back in 2015 to use his Facebook page in order
to draw in more online user activity for marketing and advertisement purposes.

The company wanted to use Tyga’s account to create more traction for their clients and to help promote products.

Tyga reportedly landed a $200K cash advance from the company. However, the rapper didn’t follow through with his agreement with the company and failed to provide them with full access to his social
media profiles. Providr. accused Tyga of breaching their contract and then sued him for the cash advance.

Although Providr won a default judgment of $145,070.94, they need the state of California to recognize the judgment in order to get the money in the U.S.

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