Reno Omokri Tells Ladies To Make First Move On Guys They Like, But…


Bemigho Reno Omokri who is an author and lawyer, has gone over the internet to give advise to women.

He wrote:

“Dear women,

“Life is short and happiness is rare. If you find a guy you like, but he is too shy, then make the first move. It does not make you a LovePeddler. A LovePeddler is a woman that opens her legs to any man.

“A hero is a woman that opens her heart to the man she loves. It does not mean you lack self esteem. Don’t mistake low self esteem for humility. There is a difference.

“If you believe other people are better than you, you have low self esteem. If you believe you are better than other people, you have pride. If you know that no one is better than you, you have God! #RenosNuggets”

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