Stephanie Coker Celebrates First Wedding Anniversary With Husband Olumide Adenirokun


Media personality Stephanie Coker and her husband, Olumide Adenirokun are celebrating their first wedding anniversary today. They were joined together as husband and wife a year ago in Mykonos, Greece.

The couple used the occasion to grace their social media to share sweet messages of love.

Stephanie shared the photo above and wrote ;

I’d choose you all over again.
A year down, forever to go. 12/08/2017 ❤️?❤️ Love you Lumi.

Her Husband, Olumide Aderinokun, wrote on his own page ;

Year one down, 99 years to go. Love you more everyday my super woman @stephaniecoker

See their respective messages on Instagram to one another below ;

However reacting to the post, a follower wrote;

You couldn’t even find a clear pic of both of you?

Responding to the comment, he wrote;

@chocolah_tey so that’s your problem this morning. Frustration everywhere

@chocolah_tey however fired back and she wrote;

@doaderinokun you couldn’t find one clear picture to use. Even if na wedding pics. Shows how lazy a husband you could be. To think that u weren’t even up to a year when u were texting that Babcock girl, whatever her name is. And that’s d only one we know. Please shame on you sir!

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