T.I Ordered To Pay Former Workers $75k For Unpaid Wages


A few years a go, T.I. ‘s Atlanta restaurant was forced to close down after issues with unpaid rent which ultimately left several of his employees without jobs. They ended up taking him to court over the matter and they’ve finally reached a settlement

T.I.’s going to have to cough up a whole lot of money for his former employees that were left without a job after Scales 925 closed down.


According to TMZ , the Atlanta rapper just settled with nine out of the eleven employees that went after him after the restaurant closed it’s doors in 2016. T.I. will have to pay each of them $8,333.33 in unpaid wages. It roughly comes up to nearly $75K. However, it doesn’t end
there. T.I. also has to pay $25K in attorney fees which all together add up to roughly $100K.

While the restaurant was on the verge of closing its doors, T.I. said that it wasn’t his fault but the manager he left in charge while he was handling his affairs in the music industry. According to the court
documents, the manager siphoned money from the company for his own pockets.

This issue caused several of the employee’s paychecks to bounce. It also said that employees were pressed into working for
time off.

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