Vivica A. Fox Says 50 Cent Was Going To Propose & It Still “Haunts” Her


Vivica A. Fox is still talking about her former relationship with 50 Cent, even after he clearly wasn’t happy about it.

When her book Every Day I’m Hustling came out, it detailed intimate moments between her and the rapper and he was pretty cheesed saying it wasn’t necessary,
” not after 14 years.”

Vivica has since paid a visit to The Wendy Williams Show to talk about her novel and she shared another detail about her and 50 that we could have never guessed – or maybe some of you could have?


“Last year there was definitely some misconceptions that were out about
our relationship,” she told Wendy, reported by E! News .

“And at the time I was writing the book and it was before we made peace,” she
continued. “And I just wanted to clarify. We’re good and we always will be good.”

The 53-year-old explained that she’s still attracted to 50 and to “never say never” on the possibility of a second go at a relationship.

“I think the reason that it’s haunted me for such a long time is I found out later that he wanted to propose to me,” she revealed, after explaining how much they were “very much” in love.

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