The Music Industry’s Revenue Surged $1.4 Billion in 2017 ;Thanks To Music Streaming


After some particularly abysmal years of record sale declines, financial analysts have revealed that the music industry’sprofits increased by $1.4 billion throughout 2017.This is solely credited to the continued adoption of streaming services as themethod du jour of consuming musical content.As a whole, revenues were able to reach $17.4 billion, which is slightly behind 2008’s net cume of $17.7 billion, a total that would. have been bolstered by traditional album and single sales instead ofstreaming figures.The industry has been able to adapt to changing times, but it is still unclear what percentage of the $17.4 billion is paid to artists, as several are still complaining that they are earning far less because of this widespread shift in consumption habits.As a result, streaming accounts for 43% of all revenues, which is impressive for the relatively young phenomenon. However, in an age where content must be available en masse, it’s fitting that servicessuch as Spotify and Apple Music are satiating a consumer’s appetite for expansive music libraries and playlists.I hope Nigerian government can look at this platform and develop it for revenue.

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