Drake’s Former Manager Sentenced To Jail


If you’ve ever thought about trying to cheat the system by not paying your taxes, it’s probably not the greatest idea. It is bound to catch up to you sooner or later as evidenced by DMX and Ja Rule who are
currently in deep trouble for tax-related offenses.

The most recent figure to succumb to Uncle Sam is Drake & Lil Wayne ‘s former manager Derrick Lawrence, who will be spending the next eight months in prison for failing to pay his taxes.

According to New York Daily News, Lawrence was sentenced to serve eight months after pleading guilty to neglecting to file his tax returns from 2009 to 2011. Lawrence was previously linked to the Cash Money lawsuit as the co-founder of Aspire Music Group, who was being sued by Jas Prince early last year.


Formerly managing Drake and Lil Wayne in 2008, Lawrence attributed his tax negligence to his own personal misinformation, telling the judge,

“It was never a disrespect to the government. It was a lack of knowledge.”

While the tax returns have now been filed, Drake’s ex-manager allegedly owesthe government $600K for evading his taxes.

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