Despacito Gathers Over 5 Billion YouTube Views


“Despacito” was already the biggest draw of all-time in Youtube history. The video which has been up since January of 2017 has now amassed over 5 billion views, surpassing its closest competition by
1,5 billion clicks.

The “Despacito” effect marked a year in which Latino artists were able to hasten the process of their global influence. Luis
Fonsi was also able to recruit pop darling Justin Bieber , taking his new song to new heights, but incidentally its the spanish language version that remains the most popular.

The Spanish language is so musically appealing as it checks in with our desire to move our bodies. The video for “Despacito” features all the elements required
of the pleasure index: beaches, cookouts, crashing waves, couples dancing, nightlife, seasonal outfits, and even a little innuendo for the risk takers out there.

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