Rick Ross In Good Shape As New Photos Of Him Surfaces


TMZ has obtained exclusive photos of Rick Ross walking his mother Tommie Roberts to his parked car, not the other way around.

Although thinness doesn’t adequately express good health, the fact that Ross has battled obesity in the past and is looking slimmer is a positive sign all around. The pair were photographed in Fort Lauderdale, outside of an attorney’s office.

Without going into specifics, as they have not been made available, the picture also shows Rozay’s mobility, and signals a more regular frequency of public outings, also suggesting a healthy comeback for
his immune system.

The proof is always in the physical
responsiveness of the body. News of his improved condition is somewhat offset by a stressful week, in which he and his baby mom Tia Kemp have been hammering
out a child support agreement, explained by his visit to the attorney’s office.

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