Mike Abdul Shares His Thoughts On Why Musicians Don’t Last In Nigeria


Gospel singer Mike Abdul expresses his opinion on why music groups don’t last in Nigeria. He said this in a recent chat, where he clarified that Midnight Crew isn’t a dead group.

Being a member of the group that hasn’t released a track in a long time, Abdul confirmed that the group is active and still one. Known to be one of the notable gospel singers in Nigeria, he explained thus;

“Even solo artistes don’t last for more than 10 years. The problem is not about being in a group, it has to do with the music business. I tell people not to put pressure on artistes.

“If an artiste’s career doesn’t last for more than five years, do not crucify him or her. A musician doesn’t need to be active forever. If you do five years as an artiste and you are getting saturated, what stops you from taking a break? You can always come back after the break.

“The fact that some people are still relevant for 20 years doesn’t mean everyone has such grace.”

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