‘Love Is Sacrifice’ –Singer Praiz Talks Love, Female Fans & More


Nigerian RnB singer, Praise Adejo, popularly referred to as Praiz talks to Olushola Ricketts about love, his plans for marriage and how his genre of music appeals to more to the feminine gender.

Do you see RnB music becoming as popular as hip-hop in Nigeria?

Everyone likes RnB music. You cannot be with your girlfriend and start playing rap music. We are in a nation where everyone wants to forget their struggles. People don’t want anything that will make them reflect on bad memories; they would rather settle for songs that make them happy. Though I understand that RnB music has a certain market, I still believe it will get to be accepted more in Nigeria over time. However, I don’t think it can ever be as popular as pop music because of the environment we live in.

Are you a lover boy?

If you call me a lover boy, I think you are right. I am an RnB singer and when you talk about that genre of music, the first thing that comes to your mind is love. I sing about different stages of love and my major fans are women. For every man who sings, women should be their prime target because they bring everyone on board.

Have you broken a lady’s heart in recent times?

There is no one I can remember at the moment. I try my best to avoid breaking any woman’s heart.

Do you believe in love?

Yes, I do. Loving someone is a sacrifice because you often have to go out of your comfort zone to ensure the person is happy. Love is a sacrifice.

Do you have a child?

I don’t and it doesn’t mean artistes that have baby mamas are irresponsible.

Do you have plans for marriage this year?

I am certain that I will get married but I don’t know how soon it will happen. You don’t need to rush into marriage because it is an institution you are not expected to abandon once you are in it. Though people get married to the wrong people, marriage is a beautiful thing. However, when a marriage turns violent, I always advise people to walk away because staying alive is important. I am taking my time as I don’t want to rush in and rush out.

Have you found a suitable lady?

I have yet to. But I believe in marriage and it is something I would love to experience.

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