Kodak Black Dropping New Album Today


Kodak Black is breaking hearts today. The Pompano Beach rapper is set to release his new project Heart Break Kodak on
Wednesday (Feb. 14).

The cover art features Project Baby as Cupid in the clouds, pointing his arrow down towards a boy crying and a girl walking away.

My Heart Spoiled Rotten Because I Never Got The Same Love I Showed In Return,” Kodak captioned the artwork. “#HBK Luvin-N-Thuggin #Feb14.” he captioned.

Lil Kodak, who just appeared in the video for Rick Ross’ “Florida Boy,” has been teasing the project for a month, tagging several Instagram posts with #HBK and adding “Luvin N Thuggin” to his

The prolific streak continues. Last year, Kodak released his debut album Painting Pictures, Project Baby Two , and Project Baby Two: All Grown Up. More music is on the way

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