It Was Hard For Me Giving Out My Daughter In Marriage – Charly Boy



Popular Nigerian celebrity, Charles Oputa, aka Charly Boy, recently gave out his daughter in marriage and it was the talk of the town as the marriage photos and events following it filled the entire social media. The Area Fada however said is was a difficult decision for him to make.

According to Charly Boy:

“I had mixed feelings actually. I put in a lot of time in my daughter’s upbringing and we bonded so well. As a parent, you could sometime wish that your offspring would stay with you forever, but at a point, you have to let go. I am happy that I’m letting go to someone who is a gentleman, considerate and thoughtful. I wish her a happy married life. She has a good pedigree, and both the bride and groom’s parents have good marriages that have stood the test for time; that ought to count for something.”

The entertainer, when he talked about  his relationship with his daughter, Adaeze, said,

“I have a very unique relationship with all my children. They are not all treated the same because each kid is special in their unique ways. I don’t have one way of dealing with everybody. There are different strokes for different folks. I guess that’s the joy of parenting because not every kid would turn out the way you want him or her to. Some are late starters, while some are early birds.”

 Before the marriage, a photo of Charly Boy and his daughter on bike went viral and hen he was asked if that was the pre-wedding photo of hi daughter, he laughed and said:

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