Rick Ross’ Wingstop Robbed By Another Rapper 


Despite the rise of SoundCloud rap and the new romanticism associated with being an independent act, there’s still value in getting a cosign from a rap superstar. It’s that value an aspiring rapper by the name of Cedric Miller attempted to gain for himself when he tried to get Rick Ross‘ attention by robbing a Wingstop in Memphis .

Rozay owns a bunch of Wingstop restaurants, and it looks like one of them is the Union Avenue location that 23-year-old Miller attempted to rob, according to CBS’ local Memphis outlet.

Police reported they got a tip indicating that Miller was one of the suspects in the robbery on Jan. 5. From there, police had a Wingstop employee identify Miller out of a lineup of six people. After that, the


Memphis Police Department arrested him. Customers of the local Wingstop didn’t understand Miller’s decision. 

“It could [get Rick Ross’ attention] but I don’t know if he is going to get signed if that’s the case. I doubt it,” a customer by the name of Huron Wilson said.

Rozay himself has yet to comment on the matter.

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