Pardon C Explains Absence Of Jose Chameleone In ‘Bele Bele’ Video

Pardon C’s first duet with Chameleone may have gone sour, but he’s still open to doing music with the Ugandan superstar


Pardon C’s single titled ‘Bele Bele’ with Ugandan singer Jose Chameleone has gotten quite impressive acceptance from their fans, with music lovers expressing their thoughts on the beauty of the song that brought the rich culture of Africa to the fore, some questions are still yet to be answered; why didn’t Chameleone say anything about the song? Why did he also not appear in the music video?

Nigerian Highlife singer Pardon C decided to clear the air on why Jose Chameleon didn’t appear in the music video of ‘Bele Bele’ following the recent backlash he got from his Ugandan fans who they aired their dissatisfactions for the music video because the video didn’t star their superstar, Chameleone.

Multiple-award winning Pardon C says he did all he could to have Chameleone feature in the music video after the successful release of the audio, but he totally rejected him by keeping silent and not reaching out to him after he reached out to him several times.

“The enthusiasm Chameleone showed when we recorded the song, was absolutely different from what he displayed when I contacted him ahead of the release of ‘Bele Bele’ audio, from there I knew I couldn’t depend on him,” Pardon C said in an interview with My Craft.

Speaking further, he said “Jose Chameleone didn’t show any love when the audio dropped, he didn’t post anything on social media about the song, he just went blank. Despite the fact that the song was promoted, well accepted in Uganda and Nigeria, he acted like he has never heard of me in his entire life.

“Fans called him out on social media, he didn’t respond, but when the official video came out, Ugandans directed all the anger towards me, claiming I only used their artiste – Chameleon to get into Uganda, they questioned why he didn’t appear in the video, but how many people will I reply one after another?

“I called and messaged Chameleone several times, he didn’t respond, I had to move on to complete ‘Bele Bele’ by putting a video on it, which I don’t regret till date. He did a song with me, I was ready to travel down to Uganda to shoot a part of the video there with him and some scenes shot in Nigeria also, but his silence destabilized the plans.

“I Consistently contacted Chameleone for six months, he didn’t respond, I had to go ahead with the filming of the video, and his absence was not event felt in the video, thanks to my PR, Adeyinka Oluwamayowa and video directors who collaborated creatively to make it happen.

“The video is out there already, Chameleone is the only person who can explain why he failed to respond when he was called ahead for the audio release and video shoot. I’m not worried, moreover Wizkid did ‘Come Closer’ with Drake, Drake didn’t appear in the music video and the video enjoyed massive love.”

When asked if Pardon C paid Chameleone for the collaboration, he refuted, saying he asked him not to pay. “I didn’t pay him for collaboration because he personally told me not to pay him that he loves the song. Anybody who listens to the song will realize Chameleone sang with passion on the song,” the TCO Music frontliner said, adding that, “I think he is jealous of the success and attention the song got in Uganda.”

Pardon C’s first duet with Chameleone may have gone sour, but he’s still open to doing music with the Ugandan superstar. “I have no problem with Chameleone at all, as long as it’s good music, I’m very much open to collaborating with him.”

‘Bele Bele’ video showcases the beauty of Nigerian indigenous traditional wedding, featuring live scenes from traditional wedding, starring Chima and Chidera, shot in Owerri, Nigeria.

WATCH/DOWNLOAD VIDEO: Pardon C Ft. Jose Chameleone – Bele Bele


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