‘Music Saved My Life’ – Meet Afro Hip Hop Artiste Kola Williams Here To Own 2018 

He makes Afro hip-hop/afro fusion a genre which is a blend of  western hip hop with Nigerian afro sounds


Whatever is worth doing is worth doing well, these were the words of Kola Williams, song writer, performer, rapper and an elite music aficionado had to say about his life as an entertainer.

It took me a while to get this interview done but it was worth every second. A basket of knowledge Kola Williams spoke explicitly to My craft on his life, journey, process in the music industry recently and it  is needless to say, he is the next big thing.

He makes Afro hip-hop/afro fusion a genre which is a blend of  western hip hop with Nigerian afro sounds. He further explained that his basic aim is to showcase afro music across variety of paradigms. A man who believes music is relative and wants everybody to listen to his music without feeling alienated so when you hear his music you will recognize his culture.

He further reiterated that is not selling out to blend with the pop culture, he just recognizes what he wants from his music and that usually gives him a sense of direction.  He creates music from the scratch and sometimes writes the song from his head just from listening to the beats ; talk about imagination.

Music Saved My Life - Meet Afro Hip Hop Artiste Kola Williams Here To Own 2018 

As a music writer for both male and female acts which he wouldn’t disclose but has projects with Gospel on the beat, Bennie Macaulay, Sess Ozedikus, Kiddominant, spyritmix to mention a few ) Kola Williams’ music is a reflection of his personlity and his fans definitely loves his music.

Making music for him professionally started about 4 years ago and since then he hasnt looked back, currently unsigned, that hasnt stopped him from putting out the T.I.M.I. Ep, Kola isnt relenting till his music is heard everywhere.

In the interview, he gave a funny instance where his music saved his life;

“I remember one night i was coming back from Chocolate City studio, it was pretty late  and i was at a street at Bariga. I was dressed a bit fancy so some street gangsters called me up to obtain me (take my phone and money), they labelled me a spy and that i was working for the rival cult group, right there, i had to rap to save my life to proof i am no cultist. i knew western hip hop wouldnt work because they were street guys. At that point , i knew i had to start  afro hip hop,” he reminisced.

On a topic, if his family supports him doing music professionally as a smart man he is , he said;

“Hell yeah they do, they get worried that i am not popping already  but last Christmas, i made some music money and bought chickens, they cant complain afterwards. “

Making muisc is an integral part of Kola William’s life that i know of and when he isnt making music, he is out there being an entrepreneur and a basketball enthusiast.

This year is only plans are to blow up like the World Trade Centre and get his works on every platform possible.

Find him on Twitter & Instagram : @iamkolawilliams

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