Drake – The Culture Vulture; African Artistes Drake Is Using To Win The Continent Over

The question here is, why is nobody talking about it?


This is the modern century where your music can be heard from all ends of the world without your presence or effort, thanks to technology most especially thanks to social media.

You know,  just recently I reached out to Euroz far in Vegas, USA telling him how his ‘Memories Of The Future’ album makes me feel, he replied and told me to keep my head up, I was moved, this is just for the birds.

Back to Drake, I think it’s undeniable Drake has put out some great music and at least three classic albums, I consider myself a Drake fan by all ramifications but sometimes we need a hoe a hoe, He is the illuminati of the music industry, he uses new artists (The Weeknd, Partynextdoor, Quentin Miller to mention a few) to maintain his relevance, but in exchange, they gain exposure to a larger audience.

So, it’s a win-win situation for both parties so we think. Based on dictionary definition culture is the ideas, customs, and social behaviour of a particular people or society and vulture is a scavenging bird of prey which it means the creature is higher in the food chain almost having no predator; Let’s bring that analogy to Drake and his artistes, OVO label is a sweatshop making Drake greater and giving little or no reference to the workers behind it, or maybe they get their royalties in the hidden.

Aubrey Drake Graham, 31, with over $90 million to his name, so yeah culture might mean nothing to him. Artistes like Sean Paul, D.R.A.M. & Earl Sweatshirt have at one point called Drake for having an itchy finger. Now Champagne Papi has been rumored to be learning pidgin so he can branch into the African market. We at My Craft decided to warn you all beforehand and compile a list of African artistes that have helped or still helping Drake achieve this scheme.

1. Wizkid

Drake - The Culture Vulture, African Artistes Drake Is Using To Win The Continent Over

Probably the most notable, Drake worked with Wiz on a number of songs which gave Wizkid a stand in the international music community but isnt that part the plan. The duo who have rumored to have never met is actually degrading to work ethics.

Three videos have surfaced on dual collaborations but none have had the both artistes together, Drake’s chart-topping hit single “One Dance” which featured Wizkid and Kyla off the world-class album “Views” occupied a nomination spot at the Grammy Awards under the “Album of the Year” category isn’t that more reason for Wizkid to be swimming in royalties?

Though, Wizkid have risen above the Drake affiliation, it is obvious he is trying to get that afrobeats vibe.

2. Black Coffee

Drake - The Culture Vulture, African Artistes Drake Is Using To Win The Continent Over

South African DJ Nkosinathi Innocent Maphumulo is one of the most successful DJ in Africa, the song “Get it together”, which heavily samples “Superman” as performed by Bucie featuring Black Coffee had Drake just singing the chorus while other collaborators did all the work.

A ballad about solving the problems that get in the way of a healthy relationship. The song is mainly dominated by British newcomer Jorja Smith’s vocals, while Drake only appears in the chorus.

This is him biting into House Music which is big in S.A. and we know Africans pay a lot to get international artistes to come in. Lately if you paid attention to the new Drake a lot if house music has been emanating from him.

3. Burna Boy

Drake - The Culture Vulture, African Artistes Drake Is Using To Win The Continent Over

Damini Ogulu can be a regarded as a genre anywhere in the world. Surprisingly, towards the end of the track “get it together” we hear Burna Boy’s vocals but the question here is, why is nobody talking about it?

Production credit was not given to Burna and he himself has said nothing about it. Maybe it’s part of the agreement by the higher ups. Here we see Drake also breaking into the Nigeria dancehall community by winning over favorites.

4. Tekno

For the past few summers, Drake has been heating up charts with his dancehall-infused club bangers, and he may be cooking up some more tropical-tinged cuts to add to his extensive repertoire.

Just recently there was more concrete evidence that Tekno became part of the sweatshop as the both were seen in the studio making music. The pair which have unreleased music right now but definitely has Drake releasing some Tekno vibes, if you have heard “pistols” you will know what I mean.

This is not to undermine Drake’s success as one of the best in the game, but constructive criticism is always allowed; when I have a platform to expose a flaw, I DO.

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