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DOWNLOAD MUSIC & VIDEO: Wavy TheCreator – H. I. G. H |+ Stay


Coming off of an unparalleled entry into the music industry. Wavy kicks off the year with the release of her official video for her breakout debut “H.I.G.H” as well as a new single “Stay”.

“HIGH” takes viewers through a psychedelic experience captured through a bunch of young people having the time of their lives.

If you look close enough you can see
the waves move through the visuals and ultimately transcend viewers into greater heights.

Stay is a story of a love once had, lost and all the pain that entails. On this record Wavy delves into more melancholy themes, showing her versatility as a musician.

The moody melodic bounce is sure to keep listeners engaged.

AUDIO: Wavy TheCreator – Stay


VIDEO: Wavy TheCreator – H. I. G. H


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