ATM Advises Record Labels, Talks D’Tunes, Duet With L.A.X, CDQ & More

The unmask [video] really gave me a clear view of how far the brand, ATM has gone


Year 2018 is starting on high note for PR Executive cum musician – ATM, his optimism for this year and plans are indeed ones we all need to watch out for.

ATM has been active in the music industry for over a decade, he has gathered experience from almost all the necessary angles in the industry, worked with top-notch musicians, music producers and has shared the stage with energetic performers.

Despite his wide experience in media, PR and entertainment, ATM’s cheerful personality, hard work, determination to get whatever he wants and his humility are what keeps him going, breaking new grounds and achieving his laid down goals.

“The first among all is that we should all align with God. We should operate more in our various fields as entertainers with fear of God,” – ATM.

ATM, a man of conscience and fear of God, even from his words, one would think he’s also a pastor, but he’s not, he’s just a man who likes to inspire people and motivate others through his life.

My Craft linked up with ATM to have a brief chat with him and guess what? We were able to offload his 2018 plans from his chest. He spoke to us about his relationship with D’Tunes, his collaborative songs with L.A.X and CDQ, and other plans he has for his career this year.

“Great job ATM, D’Tunes told me when he saw my debut music video, ‘Jubadi’”

ATM and D’Tunes have worked on different projects, the ace music producer even handed him a record deal few years ago, they parted ways, but this separation didn’t affect their good relationship. D’Tunes was among the first set of people who gave positive remark about ATM’s debut music video ‘Jubadi’ directed by Dr. Nell.

ATM Advises Record Labels, Talks D’Tunes, Duet With L.A.X, CDQ & More

“The reception of ‘Jubadi’ was wonderful, even beyond my expectations, to my greatest surprise, D’Tunes had to message me and said he knew the director would deliver, great Job ATM he said. Also, one of Nigeria’s biggest music video director Avalon Okpe also expressed his love for the video, other executives in the music industry named the video classic. Lest I forget, after I dropped the video, Planet TV had to message me on Instagram that they found my video online and they love it and that they will love to premiere it, which they did and since then they have been playing it till now.”

‘Jubadi’ video was released in August 2017; few things have changed about ATM’s music career and his stance in the industry since the video was released.

“Last year was a great year for my career, because I was able to unmask the ‘Lagbaja’ behind the masquerade,” ATM told My Craft.

This sounded like ATM has been hiding behind the mask for years, this created a type of argument between My Craft and ATM, how can a man who has been attending shows, releasing music consistently believe he’s been behind the mask before the release of his first music video? He was able to clarify what he meant by the statement.

“The unmask [ video] really gave me a clear view of how far the brand, ATM has gone and it also made known that music video is actually important in the life of an artiste. People need to reckon with your face and it helps you evaluate how well your music is doing. It also helps you discover your strengths more, because visual gives more interpretation to your creative works. So, I am glad I made that move and it was a success indeed,” he explained.

He added that, “I have been missing until after I dropped the video and shows started trooping in, then I told myself so I have actually been missing many opportunities that could have come to me long ago. Nevertheless, I give God the glory because many connections came in after I released the video to my hit song ‘Jubadi’, produced by award winning hit maker D’Tunes.”

Having be able to ‘unmask’ himself in 2017, ATM already mapped out his activities for year 2018, which he said he’d be releasing more music featuring some of the industry’s big name. He told us he has a song coming with CDQ and L.AX, aside his expectant deal with Rasaki music headed by L.AX.


“L.A.X has been very supportive. In fact, he recently footed my hospital bills” ATM revealed.

ATM has been able to establish good rapport with rapper CDQ and L.A.X. “I have a very close relationship with LAX and CDQ, which I know anything can happen soon. Especially LAX because I know there is a reason God connected us and since I got contact with him, it’s been a brotherly relationship. He’s been very supportive. In fact, recently when I was hospitalized, he funded my hospital bills, he’s very humble and with heart full of gold.”

ATM remains optimistic about getting a record deal with LAX’s record label – Rasaki music, “honestly if Rasaki music throw me an offer I will gladly accept with peace,” he said.

Deji Oduwole’s label, DCaptain Entertainment that’s one of the emerging record labels with good foresight, passion to make the industry a better place and Creative Village owned by Otunba Kogboregbe have also approached ATM for a deal. “DCaptain Entertainment owned by Deji Oduwole popularly known as Captain Cash, a USA based Nigerian, is another aspiring good home for me and another one Creative Village Entertainment also owned by a popular actor and TV producer Otunba Kogboregbe, who has a TV drama African Magic Most. But I just want God to charge.”

“Label owners should Start identifying raw talents not the ‘somebody knows somebody signing.’”

The Nigerian entertainment industry in 2017 was a mixture of achievements and controversies. The likes of Wizkid, Davido, Tiwa Savage, Yemi Alade, Olamide, Simi maintained the spotlight and were able to accelerate the rate at which international markets request for Nigerian music.

ATM discussed his expectations from the industry this year and he also offered advises for key industry players. “For everyone in the entertainment industry, the first among all is that we should all Align with God. We should operate more in our various fields as entertainers with fear of God. And never forget good music because we are gradually deviating from that angle of good music. The ‘po po’ sounds seems to be the only way now.

“Everyone should play their role and all the regulatory bodies involved in ensuring royalties should work. They should help us and I think they should also help the up comings. Labels owner should Start identifying raw talents not the ‘somebody knows somebody signing’.

“Label owners that have talented artiste(s) should invest on them. Music business is real. They should be passionate about it. So many failed because they don’t have passion for the business and at the end they end up blaming artistes, which they didn’t invest in.

ATM Advises Record Labels, Talks D’Tunes, Duet With L.A.X, CDQ & More

“Music is not 500k, 1M Naira business. If you are not ripe for it, don’t waste another man’s time. The time of that artiste can still be used for another fruitful business in his life, so if you are not ready don’t sign an artiste. Personally, I know how much I have invested in my career that some labels have not spent on their artiste, yet they demand for gains. At what point?

“Events organizers should start encouraging young artistes.Very important. You cannot afford Davido, Wizkid, Tekno, LAX, CDQ and so on and you still see young act doing good coming to entertain your guests, and you expect them to come for free. Too bad. Remember they paid for recording, promotion online and all. So, I think there should be a regulatory body to handle this.

“All young artistes’ managers should come up because no clubs can operate or event organizers can operate successfully without these young acts because they make your events, likewise young comedians.

Watch ATM’s debut video, ‘Jubadi’ below and follow @izzatmagain on Twitter and Instagram.

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