50 Cent Calls Jay-Z’s 4:44 Grown Man Music


While promoting his latest film Den of Thieves , 50 Cent revealed why he’s been critical of JAY-Z’s 4:44 , calling it “golf course music.”

Hip-hop culture is connected to youth culture,” he said during his appearance on “Conan,” before pointing at his suit. “You see the clothes? This is grown-man stuff going on. The kids are going to bring new innovative stuff and he just had the maturity [bleed] off into the material.”

The G-Unit General said he’s a fan of the album, despite his apparent knocks. “It’s cool for me,” he added. “In my car, I’m listening to it. But the kids, I don’t see them actually listening to it… He was like talking down to them a little bit, like, ‘I’m up here, baby.’”

Finally, he added: “I felt like Carlton Banks when I was listening to it.”

50 Cent and JAY-Z go way back with jabs.

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