It Is Not A Bad Idea To Make All Kinds Of Music – Jay Carter Shuts M.I. Up


In the three and a half minute lyrical tongue lashing, The Self-acclaimed best rapper in Africa, M.I bemoaned the fact that Nigerian rappers were singing too much and getting bodied by their South African counterparts among other topics.

After the song dropped, an online debate kicked off about the state and decline of Nigerian hip-hop. Valid points were raised, some opinions blamed the rappers, one rapper with a valid point although late is new kid Jay Carter who spoke his opinion to My Craft when we caught up with him recently. 

I feel the music industry here doesn’t favour rappers so they tend to be creative by doing a little commercial so they can be heard and sell out shows, But I feel M.I. has a point with the fix up your life. I also feel at the same time it’s not a bad idea to make all kind of music”  the intelligent rapper said. 

Tupac was in love with RnB  for instance, calling it ghetto gospel, If he can be a rapper and still be in love with RnB then it’s fine for anybody to explan their talents and create all kinds of music ” he concluded.


Somewhere in the interview he was asked if he thinks M. I was a hypocrite for calling out rappers for singing when he himself turned Milli and Ice prince into singers. The versatile rapper said. 

i won’t say that but with the stunts Nigerian artists are pulling these days, I won’t also be surprised if M.I intentionally dropped that song to create controversies” 

The rapper concluded his time with My Craft with his plan for 2018

   “Good music all the way”.

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