Girls That Came By: Ink Edwards Talks His Favorite Track, ‘Maybe In Our Next Life’ Off New EP

The song is more personal than fictional


Bob Marley once said, “one good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.”  Music that transcends from words to stories is what you can find in the album ‘Girls That Came By’ EP by the not so new artiste Ink Edwards.

The singer spoke to My Craft on the success of his new EP release, his favorite moments making the EP and others and he was full of awe on the reception he has received.

‘Girls That Came By’ EP that has gathered over 6,000 listen on soundcloud.com alone is gathering enough momentum barely a week after its release with no video or single dropped before release.

“It has been a fast year,” he said, “but God’s grace kept me through it and now we winning,” he added.

On making his favorite track off the album, Ink Edwards said;

“‘Maybe In Our Next Life’, that was one go, if you listen closely you can hear two times I almost dropped the timing, but it had a level of honesty that we wanted to keep”.

‘Maybe In Our Next Life’, produced by IceBeatz is the third song off the extended play, has Ink Edwards talking about a girl who he once dated but broke connections with her only to come back to see her married.


The song which is more personal than fictional concludes Ink, saying the lady is happy with life and they still talk when the vibe is right.

“Nah I’m fine with life, she’s happy. So maybe in our next life,” Ink Edwards told My Craft.

As a music critic, I could see a visual in my head without even trying. This is what music should sound like, kudos to Ink Edwards on this one.

Ink Edwards – Maybe In Our Next Life


SOUNDCLOUD: Ink Edwards – Girls That Came By (EP)

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