Demi Lovato Rips ‘Time’ Magazine For Hypocritical Choice Of Runner-Up For ‘Person Of The Year’


Demi Lovato is NOT okay with ‘Time’ magazine naming sexual harassment/abuse victims their POTY while giving the number two runner up prize to Donald Trump.

Demi Lovato has decided to start a new beef, and this one is with Timemagazine. For their 2017 Person of the Year, they gave the honor to “Silence Breakers” the brave women and men from all types of workplaces who have come forward with stories of sexual harassment, assault and abuse.

However their number two runner-up went to President Donald Trump, 71, who admitted on tape that he forced himself on women saying he could grab them by the pussy.

The singer is pissed off that a man who has bragged about sexual assault would be their runner-up to victims of his type of alleged behavior. “Time mag highlights brave women coming forward against sexual assault on the cover but names a man with sexual assault allegations against him runner up to person of the year…Really @TIME? #hypocrites,” the 25-year-old “Sorry Not Sorry” singer angrily wrote on Twitter.


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