We Deserve The P*$$y –  Angry Nigerian Writer Tells Ladies

I write this article paradoxically looking at it from a non biased mind


Someone once said  “real men dont deserve p*$$y”, it got me thinking, what do these ladies really want, do they want our souls, do they want our organs, do they want our money, do they want our degree, do they want our attention, do they even want this love? because i can categorically tell you men will do anything for that cookie, come to think of it, real men is everything y’all average men dream to be so how come they still dont deserve p*$$y.

The qualities of a real man are likely to be rich, generous,  medically up to date, smart, muscular, powerful dresser, endowed between his legs, treat the v*g!na like grocery and some other superman traits, if these characters make us real.

So what else are we missing to be fed the cookie?  I write this article paradoxically looking at it from a non biased mind.

It seems we need a manual from Apple store to understand what women want, they are a dynamic being that was created probably in the dark so a lot of ambigious and abberant emotions were added to them, something like when Doctor X was creating Powerpuff girls.

If we try to discern the bible, even God could not predict women because if he did he wouldnt have created an endogenous reaction from Adam to make Eve to cause such an irrevocable paradigm shift but thats a story for another day.

The v*g!na is a beautiful entrance that needs to be groomed, cleansed, appreciated and thrusted meticulously to hit notes even Michael Jackson couldnt dream of.

We men are always stressed all day attending to all life’s processes, we need to release, we need to stare at it, we need to nibble on it, WE NEED THIS P*$$Y, Woman.

The real aim of this redundant article is to ask my ladies how do we get this cookie because we real me are tired of asking ” how was your day”, “have you eaten”, “did you have a good night”. To be honest, we really dont give a hoot, I stand with my real men out there, WE DESERVE P*$$Y.

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