PSquare’s Breakup: Paul Okoye Pleads For Forgiveness, Explains Why He’s ‘Rudeboy’

Paul also hinted at his new album which is slated for next year, 2018


One half of defunct PSquare boy band, Paul Okoyo expresses regret in the parts he played in the recent separation on of the then African best music group.

Although the brothers – Peter and Paul Okoye have moved on since their last saga which led to eventual break up of the group, but Paul still felt the need to apologize to PSquare’s fans for being ‘stupid’.

In a new chat with Beat FM, the singer self-styled as ‘Rudeboy’, said he regretted his outburst during the PSquare separation tension and pled with fans to take heart and move on, just like them.

Paul was asked if PSquare will ever make a track again, apparently still confused, the solo artiste said responding to the question won’t take him anywhere. “I don’t know,” he replied. Expressing heartbreak, Paul said, “My fans, take heart. As e dey break my heart, na so e dey break una heart.”

Speaking further, Rudeboy addressed his role, saying; “I think I was very stupid, in that aspect. Something got into me. I couldn’t stand him. But what I did, I regretted it. Please forgive me for that and let me move on.”

When asked if he’d ever perform PSquare’s songs now that he’s a solo artiste, Paul smartly maneuver the question to discuss his first ever performance in Nigeria as a solo artiste.

Paul also hinted at his new album which is slated for next year, 2018, the year will also witness more activities from his label act – ‘Muno’, while Lucy focuses on her education.

Explaining his stage name, ‘Rudeboy’, he corrected the notion that he’s rude in person. “Because my name is Rudeboy doesn’t mean I’m rude, the only thing that makes me rude is because I’m rude in the music,” he elucidated, adding that “If music sweet, I go say e sweet, if e bad, I go say e bad.”

Rudeboy about a week ago dropped two new singles – ‘Nkenjo Keke’ (here) and ‘Fire Fire’ (here). Watch the interview below;

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