Dating A Married Man: Useful Tips

The longer you have been in a relationship with a nice married man, the more you realize you want him to be by your side most of the time.

Every girl or woman knows this uplifting ineffable feeling of being in love with, as they think, one of the most handsome and caring man in the whole world. What some of them also know is that their perfect lover has already tied the knot.

Let’s put aside biased stereotypical views at women having a relationship with married men and try to list a few pieces of advice on how to keep such risky relationships going.

# 1 Avoid going out to popular public places.

Even if you’re sick and tired of being limited to spending your incredibly precious time at his (while the wife is away) or your place and you both want to diversify your occasional dates by having dinner at a restaurant or simply going to the mall, you’d better NOT do this. By going out to, for instance, a café or an expensive luxurious restaurant, you run the risk of encountering your partner’s acquaintances, or, what is worse, his wife.

Of course, you don’t have to put an embargo on each possible way of going out. You can still consider throwing a picnic in the city green suburbs or going to places less known and popular like some art gallery (yes, food institutions have gained much bigger popularity than cultural or an art house movie theater. At the end of the day, it’s up to you both whether be discrete and cautious or, regardless of the consequences, become patrons of the most fancied places of your city and display your secret relationship.

#2 Find out what are the things that made him cheat on his wife and try to steer clear of them

It’s very rare that a man starts hunting for women or online brides other than the one he’s married to because his wife getting older and less attractive. In most cases, things making him cheat on his spouse are the character traits he despises in her, certain habits his wife possesses that now annoy him or some of her points of view and attitudes to things significantly diverging from those of his.

This means you have to somehow get to know about the things mentioned above so that your habits, qualities or views don’t resemble hers. No one is saying you should change all those things in yourself. No, women are far smarter than they seem to be. All you have to do is just pretend you are the complete opposite of what he said he didn’t like in her. Of course, this way of building a relationship may not seem very honest and fair and some female readers will strongly condemn it BUT giving in, little lying in the name of love.

and pretending sooner or later have to be applied in any relationship.
But when you’re gradually starting to realize that there’s way too much you have in common with his current wife and pretending isn’t going to help since you can’t hide your real self, then you two should probably split up.

#3 Do not rush him to divorce and move in with you.

The longer you have been in a relationship with a nice married man, the more you realize you want him to be by your side most of the time.

Eventually, you start telling him that it’s high time he moved out. This suggestion must’ve been brought up by your belief that if a man really loves his woman and is positive about staying together with her for the rest of his life, he should leave his wife. This is quite a contradictory assertion.

On the one hand, your thinking is correct, and, if you have been dating each other for quite a long time, and moreover, he shows great passion and devotion towards you, then why tolerate the unloved wife and not live with you? Pretty obvious, isn’t it? But on the other hand, it may not be that easy for your lover to quit his regular life and divorce, mainly for the reason that most men are afraid to drastically change their usual living and what seems to you to be ‘a long time’ for him is just not much enough to leave the life he’s had till now. Just give him some time and wait until his actions and behavior indicate that your presence makes him comfortable and happy enough to move into your place.

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