Getting Along With Girlfriend’s Parents On First Meeting

Your crush’s parents will be measuring you up and generating a common conclusion about you right when you enter the house.

Well, here comes the moment for you to get acquainted with your girl’s parents. Naturally you will be feeling a whole mess of strained nerves, excitement and anxiety. You want her folks to take you in, but you also prefer to stay yourself as well.

Thus, this event can appear a little nerve racking. Parents are always quite protective of their children,particularly daughters. They want to be comfortable with the idea of you as a person constantly being around their daughter and potentially the future partner in her life. Furthermore, on the flip side, your girlfriend really expects her family to like you. That’s why she wants you to sparkle so she can get their long hoped-for approval. So, if she’s planning to build a durable relationship with you, she holds her fingers crossed for you getting along with her parents.

No diggity, that is a whole load of pressure. But you are a man and you’re always cool under pressure. In fact, your girlfriend used to feel no less tense getting along with your parent, especially if you are dating emotionally unavailable woman. Still, you have that hesitancy you need to work out. Learn the following pieces of advice and eventually your girl’s mom and dad will be raving about you to all their friends.

First Impression

It may be of common knowledge, yet it’s an actual fact: you won’t be given a second try to make a decent first impression. Your crush’s parents will be measuring you up and generating a common conclusion about you right when you enter the house.

  1. Dress nicely

Nothing trumpets louder about your character than the way you’re dressed. Along with your appearance, it will be the first thing her parents notice once they see you at the doorstep. Even if you’re just invited for an ordinary dinner to their home, looking presentable really pays you back. There can be nothing better than chino pants accompanied by a plain white shirt. Avoid wearing anything bizarre to avoid looking an oddball. Iron your clothes thoroughly before putting them on.


  1. Flowers for her mom

Agree with that, we subliminally accept people who come bringing gifts. Thus, present her mom a fancy bouquet. If you’ve purchased the flowers from the grocery store, don’t forget to remove the price tag before you approach their home.

  1. Greet politely

When you’re introduced to girl’s parents, try looking them straightly in the eye, bring a smile and reply with a confident handshake to both of them (yup, mom too). Give a manfulhandshaketo her father. Appeal to them as Mr. and Mrs. Don’t call the parents by first names till you’re allowed to, even if you’ve met them several times.

Main Part


  1. Engage in the conversations

One of the most effective ways of getting along with parents and seem attractive is to be honestly concerned about whatever you talk about. People appreciate others who show interest in their problems as they talk. So be asking your girl’s parents various questions and follow closely when they start their talk. While they’re telling something don’t mind asking follow-up questions to know more details. Remember the basic rules of maintaining a polite conversation: avoid potentially sensitive topics, no interruption, no swearing, etc.


  1. Compliment

Don’t miss out an opportunity to express how lovely their home is (if the place is frankly a dump, skip it, certainly). If they’ve been cooking specially for you, always praise the food. Say something pleasant about their daughter too. Those people used to raise her, so you are literally complimenting them simultaneously. Clearly, you should not overdo it with excessive compliments. You’re trying to be polite, not being a kiss-up.


  1. Be ready to sleep in different rooms

Even if your girlfriend and you already live together, her parents would always want you to sleep in two separate rooms. If so, do it with no complaining or comments. You are staying at their home and must be following its rules. When you are given bed clothes and offered to sleep on the couch, do it with pleasure.Don’t forget to bring a pajama with you. You certainly don’t want to be busted in your underpants when getting a glass of water at night.


Leave a Nice Aftertaste

  1. Bid a sweet goodbye

When it is the time for you to leave, thank girl’s family for the hospitality. Tell them it was an absolute pleasure to get to know them. Shake hands once more. If her mom goes for the hug, grant her a fine one.

  1. Leave a thanking note

If it used to be just a usual dinner, this is not really necessary. But if you stayed at their house overnight, compose them a grateful message while still in their house. Put the note on your bed or pin it on the fridge. Thus, do not neglect to carry some stationery with you.


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