These 7 Habits Will Make You Millionaire

To plan better, develop the habit of asking and answering the following questions


You must develop seven key habits for business success. The absence of any one of these habits can be costly — if not fatal — to your business.

When you become competent and capable in each of these areas, you’ll be able to accomplish extraordinary results, far faster and easier than your competitors.

1. Plan thoroughly.

The first requirement for business success is the habit of planning. The better, more thoroughly, and more detailed you plan your activities in advance, the faster and easier it will be for you to carry out your plans and get the results you desire once you start to work.

To plan better, develop the habit of asking and answering the following questions:

  1. What exactly is my product or service?
  2. Who exactly is my customer?
  3. Why does my customer buy?
  4. What does my customer consider value?
  5. What is it that makes my product or service superior to that of any of my competitors?
  6. Why is it that my prospective customer doesn’t buy?
  7. Why does my prospective customer buy from my competitor?
  8. What value does he/she perceive in buying from my competitor?
  9. How can I offset that perception and get my competitor’s cus­tomers to buy from me?
  10. What one thing must my customer be convinced of to buy from me, rather than from someone else?
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Once you’ve asked and answered these questions, the next stage of planning is for you to set specific targets for sales and profitability. You must determine the exact people, money, advertising, marketing, distribution, administration and service people and facilities you’ll require to achieve your goals. The more thoroughly you plan each stage of your business activities before you begin, the greater the probability that you will succeed when you commence operations.

2. Get organized before you get started.

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