What Most Women Really Think Of Your Pe**s Size

Master those qualities, and you’ll build a loving relationship that both you and her can enjoy


Women repeatedly say that size doesn’t matter. Thanks to a new poll, we now know this to be true: The vast majority of women don’t care whether you’re smuggling an anaconda or an inch worm.

That’s the takeaway from Superdrug Online Doctor’s survey, which polled 1,500 Europeans and Americans on what they’re willing and not so willing to compromise on in a relationship. As it turns out, women don’t care as much about your man-hood size as you think. On the size front, 92 percent of women said a small man-hood was “not a deterrent” for them.

Rather, the survey revealed that there are plenty of substitutes for good, penetrative s*x, including oral: Nearly 73 percent said they’d date someone who wasn’t good at penetrative s*x if they were instead very good at going down there.

But, even still, s*x is hardly the most important thing to her in a relationship. Nearly 88 percent of the women said they would rather date a good communicator than someone who’s good in bed. Other preferences include a romantic (78 percent), someone who keeps up with their physical appearance (62 percent), a guy who chips in on household chores (52 percent), and a great cook (40 percent).

Master those qualities, and you’ll build a loving relationship that both you and her can enjoy. After all, more than 95 percent of the women said love is more important than s*x—and 84 percent of men agreed. And nearly half of the women said they’d rather date someone who only lasts a minute in bed than a guy who forgets their anniversary. It’s about the little things, guys.

So, if you’re feeling insecure about your man-hood size, remember that it may be the least of her concerns. Instead, focus on showing off all those other skills you have—in or out of the bedroom

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Source Womenshealth