The Man Who Inspired Kanye West Can Inspire You


I havent written anything in months and people have been saying you have lost it but our fathers usually say the older the wine the better it tastes but that is a story for another day. The main topic for today is who inspired kanye ?

Now that i have your attention, im sure all you think of the grammy award rapper Kanye Baba North West, well yes that man has gone from being an average artiste to being a lifestyle. A verb that has been added to the informal dictionary to mean Hard.

An egocentric, talented, wild unbelievable man who breathes respects wherever he goes and gets things. Genuises are always called crazy. Dave Chapelle once said ” I never knew who Kanye West was but i knew he was going to be a star” this was even before kanye west became a star. A nobody who had potentials to becoming an everybody’s dream. I remember Kanye’s grammy speech ” I inspired me” who would have thought that little Chicago rapper will become a living legend.

With that sorted out , who inspired him? Could it be Jay Z or his late mum or rather No ID, no one knows but one thing is certain greatness has many children, people will begin to affiliate with you and treat you as a success when they know you have a purpose.

Look deep down and realize you can inspire yourself. Walk around heads up, shoulders high. Write down short, feasible goals and get it done. Tell yourself, i can do it, wear some Nike shoes because you can never go wrong in them. GO KANYE WEST ON YOUR DREAMS.

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