Kevin Hart Sued By Fan Assaulted Two Years Ago

Jay is reportedly seeking more than $50K in damages.


Two years after the alleged assault was committed by Kevin Hart’s bodyguards, the fan decided to respond with a lawsuit.

The plaintiff identified as Jay Collins claimed he was verbally and physically assaulted at one of Kevin Hart’s stand-up comedy shows on August 29, 2015 in Philadelphia.

According to the legal document received by TMZ, Jay, who was said to be an invited VIP guest at the show, claims he was “aggressively approached and detained by stadium security.”

In the suit, Jay claims Kevin’s personal security threatened to use a taser on him and then stabbed him in the face, neck and back with the prongs of the device. It didn’t end there, Jay claims.

He also explained that he was thrown to the ground, with the security team striking his upper body as well as his rib cage. He was then escorted from the venue, but not before they called him a “b***h,” “p***y” and “coward.”

Jay is reportedly seeking more than $50K in damages.

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