10 Things You Don’t Know About Bobrisky

He is truly one of the most misunderstood individuals to rise to fame in West Africa, within recent memory.


Most of what many people know about Bobrisky is the persona he puts out on social media, but after spending 6 hours with the famous crossdresser, One Tribe’s reporter Dami, was able to peel off the layers and reveal the man behind the famous Bobrisky brand.

Recall that the SnapChat star, whose real name is Idris Okuneye, rose to fame after he was arrested and shamed by the police for dressing up as a woman. Idris disappeared after that incident and years later, 2016 to be precise, Bobrisky rose to fame and was declared the ‘most searched’ celebrity in West Africa.

Now, Bobrisky is touring the United States, raking in income and posting details on social media for fans and haters. In Washington DC, he met with the reporter of One Tribe who spent 6 hours with him for an interesting interview.

So, what’s the new details about Bobrisky that we don’t already know? Read what we just learned about him as culled from his feature in One Tribe:

  1. “He has an undying thirst to be loved, and everyone around him quickly learns this.”
  2. “He is truly one of the most misunderstood individuals to rise to fame in West Africa, within recent memory.”
  3. “Apart from the fact that this guy truly loves his money, one important thing I took away from our time with him is that Bob isn’t some walking caricature–he is human.”
  4. “Bobrisky is not using men (and women) solely for money and gifts. Bobrisky does not beg these people for any of the items. One thing about Bob is that he has an entrepreneur’s mindset: he make sure his money is always coming in.”
  5. “Even though Bob will not date you if you are broke (sorry broke suitors), he has his own income coming in. Simply to put it, he doesn’t need your money but you will spend it on him, if you want him.”
  6. “Nigerian culture does not want to truly accept him, his bae doesn’t want him to be famous, and he doesn’t have many friends.”
  7. “He seems to show signs of wanting to return to his old life. Maybe he’s in too deep and can’t stop now.”
  8. “The first thing about Bob is that he is loyal and in return expects loyalty.”

And that’s not all!

See some of the things Bobrisky was quoted to have said during the course of this interview:

  1. “I don’t want it to be that one day bae dies and I’ll have nothing set up for myself.”
  2. “Guys are always buying things for me like I don’t have money, trust me I have money.”

Now, watch his interview with Ronke Raji:

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