5 Things To Consider Before Buying Nigerian-Used Car


Check the vehicle history using the VIN number

Be sure to check to vehicle VIN online. Just Google Free online VIN check. Insert the VIN number and a detailed history will be shown “unto thee”. If the vehicle was stolen, it will be recorded too.

Do a vehicle license history check!

VEHICLE LICENSE HISTORY! I had to repeat this in upper case because I once fell victim to this. I purchased a vehicle from an army officer who didn’t renew his license for 3 years after it expired. He drove it freely around Lagos and environs without any “wahala” as we know dem no born anybody well to stop oga for road. I purchased the vehicle without checking and guess what? Gobe! I had to pay for the 3-years license before I was able to do my change of documents.

Don’t be like Promise, verify before you pay!

Don’t be pressured to make payment

There is an offer too good to be true and the agent or seller is saying “Oga, you no wan buy because one bros wan pay money ooooo”. Don’t give in until you have done 1, 2, 3 & 4. Remember, inflation is at 18.48% according to National Bureau of Statistics report for November 2016; hence, you can’t be spending this money like you are Dangote’s offspring.

-Promise Nwaubani

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