Top 5 Christmas Gifts For Nigerian Parents Who Need To Chill


It’s Christmas, the season to shop for presents. And of course, you definitely want to include your parents on the list when you go shopping.

But then…when the holiday season comes rolling around, there’s a good chance the parents on your shopping list need just about everything from household items to kitchen gadgets and more.

Thanks to the recession, a lot of Nigerian parents have been wound up tight since the start of the year and would rather benefit from a gift that ensures they catch a break and just chill. We are masters when it comes to relaxation and as such, we suggest top 5 Christmas gifts for your Nigerian parents who need to chill.

Holiday package from Jumia Travel

A great way to gift your stressed-out parents is to pay for a short relaxation or get away. From special family holiday package in Abeokuta at the Green Legacy Resort to Amazing Beach Holiday at La Campagne Tropicana, Lagos, there are many packages to pick from.

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