Dr. Kelly Nwogu & Kelly Blind Raises Hope For A Better 2017 For The Disabled


In this yuletide season of love and celebration, Dr. Kelly Nwogu MD CEO Livelihood Homes Limited (Owners of Blue Sea Estate International) and Kelly Igberhi aka Kelly Blind “world’s only blind comedian” chose to go beyond celebration and humbly appeal to the general public to support them to put smiles on the faces of disabled person’s in Lagos and its environs in cash and kind e.g Financial support, food items, clothes, self voluntary service, transport buses etc.

No matter how small “someone’s best cloth is another rag” while “someone’s rag is another best cloth”. Let support and inspire those that can’t do so themselves “Disability is a thing of the mind”.

Lets creep with the crippled, walk with the blind and support the physically challenged. Together we can make Nigeria and the world we live in a better place. “Voice of disable is the voice of the God”. God bless you all as you support.

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