4 Things Hindering Your Happiness


We have been focusing on the topic of happiness this month; especially because we are in a season when people are supposed to be happy, reflective and appreciative of both their lives and the lives of those around them with whom they have special relationships.

But we don’t always have to wait for such seasons to come around, before we are happy. That would mean allowing external circumstances determine our happiness; negating the premise of these our discussions that our own happiness is within our own control.

Last week, I promised to give you practical tips to help you be and stay happy. That is what I intend to do in this article by showing you things, which you’re most likely doing, that are taking away from your happiness. I believe that in order to adopt positive habits, you have to be aware of and get rid of the negative ones first.

Here are five activities that we sometimes take pride engaging in, but are in fact hindering our true happiness:


Many people take pride in multi-tasking. In fact, it is a “skill” that has found its way into the CV of the average job seeker. The ability to do more than one –to several –tasks at once. It seems very efficient but there is a serious problem with it. You do not get to enjoy any one thing, since you are doing so many at once. And that doesn’t help you to “live in the moment”.

Compare chatting with five different friends simultaneously on Whatsapp to chatting with only one friend at a time and paying all your attention to that one chat. Which do you tend to enjoy more? How about taking it further and having a live phone (voice) conversation with that one friend. Does that not sound more enjoyable?

Babies and toddlers are generally happier than adults are. One reason for this is that they enjoy whatever activity they might be engaged in at any moment. They tend to focus on only one thing at a time. They don’t build sand castles while talking with their friends on the phone, or ride the merry-go-round while texting.

It is also a success principle. Focus. Most successful people became so by focusing on one thing and doing it over and over until they became successful at it. Only after that do they diversify. Multi-tasking does not allow you to live in the now; to enjoy the moment; to be happy! It splits your mind into so many fragments that it becomes impossible to dwell on and enjoy any one thing.

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