16 Golden Moves To Drive Your Girlfriend Wild


Whoever said relationships were easy, they’re probably single. In fact, relationships come with a lot of work. Including the bedroom, because nothing in a relationship should be ignored. These 16 ways on how to pleasure your girlfriend will rev you up to spice up your bedroom activities.

How to pleasure your girlfriend – 16 golden moves

A great area to invest in is the bedroom. If things aren’t going well there, your relationship won’t be getting any better. So if you’re not sure how to begin, this is how to pleasure your girlfriend, the right way!

#1 Bring out the massage oil.

Everyone likes having a massage, I know you want one too, but you can’t be thinking about yourself right now. So, get some oil, lay her on the bed and give her a sensual massage.

I know you probably won’t be able to control yourself for too long, but at least try. She’ll feel so relaxed and calm after her massage, and you’ll be able to feel every inch of her body.

#2 Start the foreplay in advance.

You don’t have to be naked for foreplay. In fact, you’ll make her go crazy if you keep your clothes on. Men like foreplay, they like penetration even more. However, foreplay for women is what makes them horny. The longer you spend in foreplay, the crazier she’ll become.

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