14 Things About Relationships That Men Hate The Most


Relationships can be difficult. You need to have lots of patience and resilience with one another in order for it to work.

Miscommunication can often be damning for even the strongest kinds of relationships. Men and women will always be different. It’s hardwired into their respective DNA’s. The best way to keep your relationship healthy is to have plenty of understanding for one another.

Whenever frustrations arise, try to understand their perspective on things and be more empathetic. For all the ladies who are confused about why their boyfriends are angry all the time, maybe this list can help you out.

These are 14 things about relationships that really frustrate men:

1. Not Being Given Enough Attention

Don’t be fooled by a rugged and macho exterior. A man will also need attention. Think about it, a man would never willingly go into a relationship with someone unless he craved for attention from their significant other.

Some men need attention more than others, it varies really. But you should find out how much attention your man needs and find a way to maintain the harmony in your relationship.

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