‘Music Gets Me High And I Transmit It To The Crowd’ –DJ Coal


DJ Coal is one of the Nigerian Disc Jockeys making the Nation proud with their crafts. He has curated the turn table in many events and can otherwise be referred to as fans’ delight anytime he’s doing what he knows how to do best at any occasion.

Adenrele Gbadehan, also known as DJ Coal hails from Lagos Island in Lagos State, he is a graduate of University of Lagos, UNILAG, who studied accounting. He has professionally been disking since 2012 and finds what he does interesting, irrespective of the challenges in line with it.

DJ Coal sat down to have an interesting chat, where he discussed on how it’s like to be a DJ, the challenges, his DJ mentor, his female celebrity crush and other relevant issues with our correspondent at SEPTIN911.

Read excerpts below;

Why DJ Coal as stage name?                       

It’s due to my complexion. I am dark in complexion

How long have you been rocking the turntable professionally?

Professionally its been since 2012

How has the journey been so far?

Whew! Its been full of ups and down. Interesting at some time and other times its been like let me just quit. Jobs that take me out of Lagos and the country are quite challenging and the successful outcome gives me much joy.

I remember vividly my first professional job was a fashion runway event and when Darey was performing, the sound went wobbling. The Sound Engineer checked it out but nothing could be done.


How was the experience like?

I felt so ashamed but it was out of my hands. The organisers were the ones who provided sound but no one wants to hear that. People kept shouting Dj! DJ!! Dj!!!

But Darey was just like ‘Lets give it up for the Dj and the Sound Engr as they fix the sound’ and he did acapella for the remaining time he spent on stage. He saved the day and that was the first and last of such.

Who is DJ Coal on the turn table?

For me, I love dancing normally. So while at work, you would most likely see me moving my head. When I get to events, I study my crowd. Look at age grade of people present and drop sounds that all can relate to.

There’s this perception that DJ’s always know the collection of songs to play before attending an event. Is this so with you too?

I won’t totally agree with you. This work requires one to be dynamic. Also you need to know what kind of event you are going for to know the songs to play. You can’t go for a book launch where all you need is mild songs and you start playing high tempo songs.

You can’t go for a wedding and play ‘Whiskey’ by Ice Prince featuring Sunny Nneji or play ‘Iyawo Asiko’ by the late Nomoreloss at a wedding. These songs are low range songs but don’t fit the event.

You mean, one has to be dynamic and understand songs for different occasions?

Exactly! That’s why one is called a Disc Jockey! Know and understand songs. I have at different times had to advice brides about the choice of songs they want to dance to with their dad on their wedding day.

A lot just say anything good and then straight they say Luther Vandross’ ‘Dance with my Father’. But as a DJ, I would suggest another song if the Bride’s father is still alive because the song is about  dead man.


From your perspective, how can you describe the relationship between the DJs and artistes in the Nigeria Music Industry?

To me, it’s better. Some elders in the industry have set things right. Artistes understand that the DJs actually form part of their success story and that’s why when you hear artistes comment at times you would be proud to be a DJ. “I wanna thank every OAP, DJ that played my song….” Even in songs such as Eldee’s ‘Bosigbangban’.

Most of us are reaping the benefits of fundamental structures put in place by the elders.

Is the Association of Nigerian DJs now better structured than it used to be in the past?

Yes, it is

Some Nigerian DJs are gradually turning into artistes, what’s your take on this?

Choice! And I respect every ones choice. Whatever is the reason for venturing into it, I respect that and truth be told they are dropping hits for us to dance to.

Should we expect a joint from DJ Coal soon?

Errrmm…nothing is impossible. Let us not let the cat out of the bag

Which songs are top played on your playlist right now?

  1. Tekno – Where
  2. Falz – Soft work
  3. Adekunle Gold – Pick Up
  4. Tekno – Pana
  5. Olamide – Eleda mi (As Old as it may seem)

To me, this year has been great for Tekno and he’s the toast of a lot.

Are these songs also fans’ delight?

Yeah, Tekno is undoubtedly doing well. The songs are on top played list because fans want to listen to them.


Who is DJ Coal?

DJ Coal’s real name is Adenrele Gbadehan. He hails from Lagos Island Area of Lagos State and a graduate of Accounting from University of Lagos, UNILAG. He is a quiet and shy guy.

Almost all DJs are always claiming to be quiet and shy, yet you stand in front of hundreds (if not thousands) of people to make them dance. How do you now do that? Do you often enhance yourself with some ‘energizers’?

[Laughs] DJ Coal doesn’t take anything oh! For all that I care I am #TeamNoAlcohol & #TeamNoSmoking. Music gets me high and I transmit such to the crowd.

Who’s your DJ mentor?

Nigeria’s most successful DJ – Jimmy Jatt.


Uncle Jimmy’s choice is simple. He understands fully well the craft and the business side of Disc Jockeying!

Your female celebrity crush?

Female crush has to be DJ Nana ?

Why DJ Nana?

[Winks] She is down to earth, a lady of great fashion taste who all men will always admire.

If you were asked to date DJ Switch or DJ Cuppy? Who would it be?

DJ Nana of cause, Why not DJ Nana? I would marry her straight!

But, DJ Nana isn’t an option, sorry. Cuppy or Switch?

[Laughs] Both of them then. But, give me another option with Nana.

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