Yvonne Jegede Reacts To Kim Kardashian’s Robbery Attack


Yvonne Jegede has moments ago, honked her hoots on people stating that mother of two, Kim Kardashian deserved to be robbed.


She shared the above with the text quote with the caption:


“When has it become a thing of “common sense” to hate people? We hear bad things happening to people and the first thought is ” serves them right”, where is the love that comes with the innocence of being HUMAN? That love that gives way for trust and humanity to prevail, that love that makes the world void of bitterness, that love that makes you be you and I don’t have to judge you because your sin came out in public and mine hasn’t, even though we commit the same sin.
Love is easy, love is fresh, love is true, love is clean, love is healthy, love is joy, love is me, love is you, love is us, love is he, love is she, love is friendship…”

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