See How Mercy Aigbe Intends To End Nigeria’s Economic Recession


As the Nigeria economy is currently going through a down phase, people no longer see reasons to spend lavishly. The recession has brought back the word ‘management’ back to our minds.


However, Nollywood Actress, Mercy Aigbe-Genty has decided to give back to the society in her own way, by starting up her Mercy Aigbe-Gentry foundation. Details below:

It has been an eventful year and I believe you will agree with me when I say the Nigerian economy is growing but more work needs to be done. We still see youths wasting away, graduates roaming the streets without jobs, the less privileged being ignored, the homeless and orphans treated like non human. These issues reawakened my passion of building the Nigerian economy and developing the Nigeria of my dream by giving back in my own little way …..This gave birth to my registered foundation ..The Mercy Aigbe -Gentry Foundation @mercyaigbegentryfoundation The aim of the foundation is to help put smiles on people’s faces and help the less privileged. In the spirit of giving back we came up with an initiative called ….The Mercy Project, the Mercy Project is about mentoring, empowerment. We intend to help secure the future of Nigerian youths by empowering them and hence bringing their dreams into reality. Under this project lucky winners will be trained for free in some skills, and when they are done, they will be given equipments, financial assistance etc to help them kick start their careers….I have streamlined the skills available and categorized them into:Fashion Designing Theatre Arts Hair Styling I.C.TMake Over I strongly believe that if u give a man fish u feed him for a day, but if you teach him how to catch fishes you feed him forever.#themercyproject #givingback #skillacquisition #themercyproject

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