Sade Adu’s Daughter Officially Announces She’s Medically Transitioning Into A Man


Ila Adu, the child of Nigerian-born British singer Sade Adu has officially began to medically transition into a man.

The singer’s only child, made this announcement on Instagram yesterday. “Today is the first day of the rest of my life ?? 04/10/16,” Ila said, driving the point home with the emojis of a sun and a syringe, before adding, “#shotday #firstshot #finally #ftm#selfmademan #transman #proud#yaaassss“


Mickailia ‘Ila’ Adu reportedly suffered gender dysphoria, a condition where one psychologically and emotionally feels like the opposite of their biological sex. Months ago, he began posting photos of his journey, the outfit choice, shaved hair and preparation to fully become a man. Now the 20-year-old has taken the first ‘shot’, as he said, and notes that this is the first day as a man.

Not much is known of Ila’s mother, Sade Adu, these days. The iconic singer leads a private life away from social media.

Ila is Sade Adu’s only child with American-Jamaican music producer, Bob Morgan.

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