S911 PREMIERE: Morachi [@morachiofficial] – Neva Let U Go


Message to my fans – I am deeply sorry for staying away from you all for such a very long time, I am sorry for keeping you all in the dark to have to guess what’s happening with my music career but deep down my heart I want you all to forgive me and accept the fact that I am back to stay and serenade you all for a long time as far as my strength can carry….

Heaven knows I am deeply passionate about giving you all beautiful sound to vibe to and since today is my birthday I have decided to give you all this wonderful gift as a song titled “Neva Let U Go”

I walked away before on different occasions but this time I am Neva gonna let you all go anywhere because I am here for you all for good…thank You all for supporting me and thanks for giving me another chance

Morachi – Neva Let U Go


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