Rapper Wale Addresses The Reason He Attacked A ‘Racist’ White Woman


Wale has finally spoken up on why he attacked a white woman who blew smoke in his face. According to the rapper, the woman made racist comments and when he confronted her, she blew smoke in his face.

Last night, during a confrontation with a female critic who had unkind things to say to him about the altercation, Wale explained why he attacked the woman.

You’re the reason people look at Black men as a real threat,” the woman began. “Smacking something out of someone’s hand? Are you a child? You better be glad is wasn’t me, I would have said you hit my wrist.”

And Wale flipped.

[You’re] a pretentious uppity snob. You have no right to speak on my people in that way. I lost my cool there are serious racial issues in y’all country,” he began, noting that this critic ignored what the female did to him that prompted his reaction.”I am a decent man and I will be addressed as such.

“Go back to your kale smoothie hot yoga class and boyfriend who cheats on you because [you’re] a trash human being with a screwed up POV.”

See the exchange:

This is the first time Wale will be making the news for attacking women, however many fans feel his reactions are justified.

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