Obsessed Female Fan Threatens To Kill Harrysong If She Can’t Have S*x With Him


We hardly hear of cases of extreme fan obsession and stalking in this part of the world but alas, Harrysong has gotten into deep waters with an obsessed female fan who won’t let him be.

The Reggae Blues crooner took to Instagram to cry for help as ell as expose an unnamned fan who constantly harasses the singer, even threatening to kill him if he does not agree to have sex with her.

Taking to Instagram to share some screenshots of the disturbing messages she has been sending him, Harrysong who is currently away in America noted that his neighbours have been calling him about a rather desperate female who has vowed to pay any amoount to get his address and details.

The fan whose Instagram handle is the handle Missongz started off about a month ago by sliding into the Five Star Entertainment artiste’s DM to pay him compliments before it quickly progressed into the dark game of obsession which left the singer no choice than to cry out for help.

“This has been going on for like a month now.. there’s a Lady I thought was a fan. . She started with all the compliments, appreciating my music and brand..” he started off.

“Then progressed to saying she’s in love with me..then progressed to request for sex..and now she’s even threatening to kill me if she don’t ve me on her you all know am in America currently doing my tour..people around my estate also sent messages to me now,saying there’s a lady looking for my house address,desperately saying she will pay anything..that she’s in love with me. Her instergram [sic] handle is @missongz wat I don’t understand here is,is this still a fan love?”

See their conversation below.

Thr singer says: “#SaveHarrysong’sDick. ? Pray for me.”

Fame they say comes at a high price but a threat to life by an obsessed stalker takes the cake.

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