Lil Wayne Sent Ex-Wife Toya Wright A Text Begging Her To Come Back


Maybe Regina Carter’s dream of Lil Wayne and Toya Wright(her parents) getting back together after calling it quits a decade ago is not totally far-fetched. Toya has revealed text messages from Lil Wayne that proves he still wants her.

Dishing all about it in her new book- In My Own Words … My Real Reality, the 32-year-old entrepreneur who confessed to People that she was nervous about adding that piece of information, got fans excited with her revelation of intimate text messages reportedly between herself and the rapper where he confessed her to be his true love and the woman he wants.

“My definition of a perfect woman is [you]. Perfect mother, friend, and love. [You’re] perfect. Sweet but sexy, crazy but cool, mean but modest and if no one knows [you], I do.”

“I want [you] to know that no matter what woman or relationship I involve myself with, I look for [you] or a piece of [you] inside that woman,” the How to Love crooner wrote.

Lil Wayne also went on to write that  his vision of a perfect future is one with Toya Wright and their daughter; even though he does not seem to think that they’re on the same page as far as a reconciliation goes.

“I know I’m too wild for you and it may seem as if I don’t take love or relationships seriously, but believe me when I say I’d gladly straighten up and fly right for you [cause] I know you’d accept nothing less.”  

“Given the respect I have for you and that lil’ girl, it would be nothing for me to do and be not what [you] want but what [you] need.

Looks like their daughter might just get her wish.

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