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Kirk Franklin Pens Emotional Letter To His Newly Wedded Daughter, Carrington



Award winning gospel musician,Kirk Franklin penned a touching open letter to his daughter,Carrington who got married on Saturday, October 1st.

The gospel superstar who not only walked his 27 year old daughter down the aisle officiated the wedding.

A few minutes before the wedding the hit singer responsible for Gospel music crossovers like Stomp!, took to his Instagram page to pen a super emotional post about letting go of his baby girl as she becomes someone’s wife.

Read below;

She’s getting married today…..and I’ve spent an hour and a half rewriting this. Crying, smiling, and preparing to let go, ….of my little girl. I will walk her down the isle, then I will officiate the wedding. Why? Because I’m selfish, for my little girl. And she asked her daddy to! How could I say no?! I pray I don’t make a fool of myself and cry more than I speak.

God, it’s so hard to release her. If I could I would keep her a little girl, FOREVER. Selfish, I know. But at this moment, I want to be. I want to go go- kart riding, jet skiing, middle school basketball games, movies over and over again….just me and her. This is hard as Hell. She has no idea, cause she’s not a daddy. I am. A proud one. I hope I was a good one. I’m sorry for that one spanking you got that killed me more than it did you! I’m proud and love your future husband. Jealous, but proud. He comes first now. I’ll have to get use to that, cause I’m selfish, for you.

Only pictures get stuck in time, not people. They grow, and need to be let go…. I’m going to try really hard,…but please, when I see you with your new life, let me hold you every now and then, and pretend….that I’m never letting go. Forever daddy’s girl.


A girl’s daddy.

Video below;

Daddy Daughter Dance.

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