‘I Will Quit Music For…’ –Waje


Nigerian singer, Aituaje Iruobe, popularly known by her stage name, Waje may appear to fans like a singer who will never quite doing music for anything, but really, she can.

Speaking in a recent radio interview, the amazing vocalist, surprisingly opened up that if the pay is right, she can quit music and do the singing in her living room instead of public singing.

The soulful singer, when asked if she would quit doing music for $20billon, Waje proudly said “Yes, I will.” Adding that, “I will sing in my living room instead.”

She also noted that if she feels like singing to people, she’d invite her friends to diner with her, use the medium to sing to them. “And if I have to sing to people, I will cook and invite my friends to come and eat while I sing to them, but at least the $20billion is in my pocket and that’s what matters,” she concluded.

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