Harrysong Thinking Of Settling Down After The Drama With An Obsessed Female Fan?


Harrison Tare Okiri, better known by his stage name Harrysong may be thinking about settling down once and for all. And this, coming just a few days after taking to social media to expose an obsessed fan who threatened to kill herself if he refuses her sex, is making fans talk!

The Five Star Entertainment artiste who calls himself Baba For The Girls started off the discussion with a prelude, encouraging fans to work hard and pray, before he announced his intentions, saying he has started giving marriage and falling in love some serious thought.


“DON’T SAY A WORD.. DON’T EVEN ARGUE. .JUST WORK..JUST WORK..AND DON’T FORGET TO PRAY…the first time in ma whole life I thought about falling in love truly ,and getting married. Wow #babaforthegirls. ?”, he wrote.

A number of fans think this is a good call for Harrysong who is doing quite well in the music industry. Some, however, feel the decision to settle down might have been prompted by his experience with the obsessed stalker? A few fans thought to caution him on why he felt the need to share that thought with the rest of the world given his stalker situation.


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