‘Comic Books Inspired My Stage Name’ – Burna Boy


Following his historic homecoming concert which coincided with Nigeria’s independence anniversary on October 1, 2016, Burna Boy has proceeded to embark on a lengthy media tour in the United Kingdom in a bid to properly acquaint himself with his fast rising UK fanbase.

The singer who is undoubtedly one of the most sought after African acts, recently had an intimate chat with BBC Focus On Africa’s Paul Bakibinga on his British roots, music and  latest project.

In the very revealing interview, Burna Boy shared an apt description of his Afro-fusion genre, what influenced the name Burna Boy and his long absence from the UK despite having lived there most of his life.


On what makes up the Afro-fusion genre, the singer says “Think of it as a pizza where Afrobeats is the dough then I just put different things to make it the best Pizza. So there is Dancehall, reggae, Highlife...”

Interestingly, the name Burna Boy was inspired by the singer’s love for comic books which he claimed were his favourite distraction. Burna Boy also disclosed that although he was denied a visa in 2013 despite being booked for a show, 2016 was the perfect time for his concert and emergence as the new sound of Afrobeat!

Both critics and lovers agree that Burna Boy’s homecoming concert remains one of the best concerts by an African in the UK, considering especially that it was his first.

Burna Boy rose to prominence in 2012 following the release of Like to Party, the first single off his debut album “L.I.F.E”- Leaving an Impact For Eternity which was released in 2013. The L.I.F.E album is critically acclaimed as one of the best projects out of Nigeria. In November 2015, he released his sophomore album titled “On A Spaceship” to rave reviews.

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